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Elvis Chidera

Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits: Developing a PLAN for the future — Paper Summary

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Today's summary is about a paper written in 2021 by T.W. Murphy Jr., D.J. Murphy, T.F. Love, M.L.A. LeHew, & B.J. McCall .

  1. The crux of the paper: Exponential growth, whether of physical or economic form, will eventually cease. Non-renewable materials cannot be harvested indefinitely on a finite planet.
  2. Decisions are dominated by short-term financial considerations that do not reflect biophysical realities or prioritize long- term sustainability.
  3. Individuals and corporations do things because they can right now, without asking if they should, or what negative impacts may result decades hence.
  4. In practice, efficiency gains are largely erased by further growth.
  5. Fossil fuel combustion is the primary cause of ongoing global climate change.
  6. The ability of Earth’s ecosystems to assimilate pollution without consequences is finite.
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